Enjoying Urban Sports And Extreme Sports With Little Risk Of Injury

The youngsters of the city turn to urban sports because you need an outlet for them to express themselves. No much gear is needed, and the activity can take place at any urban spot. Due to being seen only in cities, these sports games have been known as urban sports. However, urban sports is different […]

Thank The Army For The Sport Of Skydiving

We look upon skydiving as a fun sport nowadays, but it all began as a military solution to a problem. If you read your history of skydiving, you will see many of the important milestones of the sport, but it all started in the army. During World War II, the military had to deploy troops […]

Was Buck Rogers The First Wing Suit Flyer?

Arnie Schwarzenegger once famously pronounced ‘I’ll be back’ in one of his Terminator movies – well I am back and this leaves me with a dilemma – my co editor and family have fulfilled their part of our ‘deal’ – they bungee jumped at Victoria Falls! Congratulations – and I am pleased to say they […]

Desperately Seeking Snow, And Other Extreme Sport Hotspots

For those who like the adrenalin pumping as they push their bodies to the limit many people take up some form of extreme sport. We know most of them from television and video games, the main ones being skateboarding, skydiving and the nauseating bungee jump! The fun doesn’t stop there, people can do most extreme […]

Watch The Latest Extreme Sports Footage

Extreme sports take skill, speed and stunts to the limit and beyond. With more sports taking on an extreme element, there is growing demand for high quality film and HD footage. Sports Cinematography Group has an extensive library of extreme sports footage. Whether it’s street luge or ski base jumping, we cover all sports that […]